Here at the Majlis we voice our thoughts; worries and concerns .. We resonate our inner self and we chill out as well.. This Majlis is our space to relax even if it seems impossible at times ..
One last thing; you don't need to knock on my doors; IYM does not have closed doors !
Welcome to the Majlis :)

Chill Out with " Sawa7 "

>> Tuesday, December 30, 2008



IYM is chilling out this evening with " Sawa7 ".. It's my Mom's favorite song and also one of Sammo's favorites.. I wish I had both of them by my side tonight..

Enjoy listening.. need to cook my dinner..
Chaw all..


Could It Get Rectified ?

>> Sunday, December 28, 2008

First of all I find this kind of documentary made by the West about some of the negative aspects of our community completely unacceptable and that is for two reasons mainly:

First of all, the West is not perfect either; they should not call themselves civilized and human-right advocates just because they know how to manipulate their sex industry; eg, having strip clubs and escort services every where and showing porn movies for free almost every night with your digital TV subscription. Porn 'stars' are nothing but prostitutes at the end. That's the difference between 'legal' prostitution in the West and its 'illegal' counterpart in Dubai. At the end, prostitution is prostitution and it has nothing to do with how 'civilized' you think you might be !

Second, we shouldn't forget that about 90% of people residing in Dubai are non-UAEiens and so it applies that majority of sex-consumers and sex-traders are foreigners as well.. like it or not !

You wanna know more about the illegal aspect of prostitution in the West ? just go and visit a detention center for a couple of hours if you're interested in disclosing some facts; you'll meet teenage girls forced by their parents to prostitute for money ! And yes it does exist in the West as well as it does in the Middle-East ! The bottom line is no culture or civilization is 'pure' and crime-free when it comes to this humiliating act of human beings..

Maybe I should do some research on the first prostitute known to humanity and try to trace the chain of events.. any help with this ?! Then we'll have the complete and real picture on the subject and we'll know how many civilizations and cultures were involved so far..


Happy Holidays

>> Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays to all of you out there. It was -30 degrees when I took this picture of Christ birth displayed in the main yard in Old Montreal last week when I was there on a short visit.
Sometimes I think of what would it be like to live in the old days of the Prophets. How would we react to their inspiration and guidance ? Would we oppose them in any possible way ? Would we support them and so on..
On a very personal level, I keep thinking of what would it be like to date any of the Prophets, especially the young and handsome ones, before the age of their revelations ?! I once expressed this thought to one of my friends.. you don't wanna know what her reaction was ! :)
Happy Holidays all..


What's next ?!

>> Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This evening a one-year-old-friend [ it's been one year since our friendship ] called to check on me. I didn't keep in touch lately; neither with him nor with the others; with all of what I've been through and so I was so happy finally I'm almost back on my feet again finding myself open to the world; having a fresh start almost in all aspects of my life. Sometimes when we're down we just want to be left alone, not for anything but I guess that's the 'nature' of going through rough times.. it has its own unique 'forced meditation' if I may call it so..
He got me thinking about what's next in my life ! My family kept insisting on my return to my homeland this time when I went for a visit to Dubai last October. Mother lost it completely to the extent of having fights with me in public several times; the thing that I hate the most about her.. but I have no choice but to take it as it is.. I used her uterus to grow in for 9 tiring months; I was her parasite then and I was still her parasite for 23 years till I graduated from University ! So, I better stop complaining about her 'provoked' attitude.. don't ask who or what provoked her; sure it was no one else and nothing else but my unsettled career and even more my unsettled SELF. It's been two weeks since I called uncle last.. I shouldn't keep a distance with all of what he's going through after his daughter's death.. but I cannot help it; what an excuse eh ! the first question that he keeps asking me whenever we talk is " So honey, when are you coming back ? Just come back we do miss you " .. I go " Uncle, can't you just stop asking me this question, you know very well I do not like it " . One of my brothers told me up front " you don't want to come back, do you ? " I just smiled back at him..
What is it now that is keeping me away this long this many years from my family and my loved ones ?! Is it really my career and my postgraduate studies or is it an " unidentified mentally-flying object " ?! What is my UFO exactly ? Mom goes " Even when you're done with all of your postgraduate crap, you will find me anther Galaxy to immigrate to ! I know you very well.. no one can stop you " . Did she mean it in a good way, or she meant it in a cheesy way, all I know she knows me very well.. after all, I was her parasite !
If I'm to ask myself this question that I hate the most " What's next ? " what would be my answer then ?! All I know for now I have 2 more years to spend here in Ottawa.. and then if I'm 'lucky' enough then another year or so in the States.. and then God knows what plan I'll come up with.. God knows what UFO will start occupying my mind. See that is my problem, if I would call it a problem, the things that I consider very important; crucial and of great value are the very same things that most of my family members consider men's properties that a woman like me shouldn't touch and approach ! But I guess all of them know I care less about their way of thinking and I care more about how I want to live my life.
I find it such a naive way of thinking to think that love and personal stability just exists in the Emirates and so I have to be there otherwise I will not experience my own family life ! How on Earth then people managed to fall in love and to get married and have families all over the Globe ?! There are certain things that my UFO-occupied mind cannot comprehend when it comes to our cultural values and norms ! As simple as this !
I told this dear guy who called me this evening " To me all cities are more or less the same; you go shopping; you chill out and relax; and then back to your basic human functions at home ". Now, the question is which of these 'similar' cities IYM would like to settle in for good after she's done with her UFO ?! I guess I wouldn't really get concerned over this simply because it's not time yet for such thinking.. see that's how I manipulate my 'fans' in order to get down to their thinking and their plans.. at the end, life goes the way it's planned by the good guy up there who sent UFOs to IYM's mind !
All I know for now is I have to keep focusing on my three drops of oil ( you'll know what I'm talking about if you've read the Alchemist ); my UFO; and keep listening to my heart all at the same time !
Sweet dreams all..


" Trou de memoire " by Robertodedomenico

>> Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm just back to Ottawa.. the drive from Montreal was a bit scary with all snow storm we're having this evening..

And as I was trying to stretch out and relax after my trip, I got an invite to become friends through my Youtube channel.. it's from Robertodedomenico who published the above video.. very artistic, very creative and very very true.. I liked it alot.. I would say I was on the same 'page' and tune as the subject of this video.. so here it is..

Enjoy it.. and Roberto, welcome to my insane world.. :)




>> Friday, December 12, 2008

Walk in Pride !

So Sensual !

Sure they're great lovers as well !

I can't get over having one as a friendly pet ! Just in love with this whity.. My God how adorable it is !



Even Men Can Loose it !

>> Wednesday, December 10, 2008





Any Solution ?

>> Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What to do with the psychopaths at work ?
Any solution ?
Any suggestion of how to make our life easier and tolerable with them ?


Happy Lonely Eid

>> Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Eid to all of us here in North America million miles away from our families and our loved ones..
Brother and sisters are in Mecca doing the pilgrimage; a big group of my cousins are there as well. Most importantly, my uncle's wife who lost her daughter about 8 weeks ago is there as well doing the pilgrimage on behalf of her lost daughter who told her few days before her death " Mama, prepare my gifts for the family.. I'm going for Hajj this year " !
I called mother when I woke up at mid-day today; I wanted to cry but I thought let me act strong as usual.. I do not have any explanation of why I keep holding my tears when it's time to let them go ! She was putting my newborn niece into sleep and for the first time I hear her voice; I was tearful again.. but again acting like it's OK and 'normal' to be homesick and not to show even a glimpse of emotion or feelings !
And yes I am homesick.. and yes I find myself isolated being million miles away from my family and my loved ones..
I guess it's time to call my Saudi friends here in Ottawa !
Enjoy your Eid..


The Law of Attraction

>> Friday, December 5, 2008

And yes it worked !!

Last night and this afternoon I was deeply indulged in reading one of the most famous motivational books " The Secret " . It came out actually in 2006 and I had it since then but I only leafed through the first few pages given my circumstances at the time. Now I decided to read the rest of it with all hearts that I've got !

" The secret " gives you the most valuable recipe you can ever use to get what you want; that is formulated in three simple yet giant words : Ask; Believe and Receive ! It advises you to try it out on a small thing like getting a cup of coffee before upgrading yourself to a higher-scale higher-value thingy that you're looking for; just to convince you that it always works. IYM decided to go for a higher-value thingy as a starter and it worked for her big time this evening.. I'm so happy :) :) :) Now I know a magical recipe of getting what I want and dream of ; and believe it or not; it works !

Tonight and this weekend I'll simply loose myself in reading the rest of this magical book.. I need to fine-tune what I've mastered tonight ! I need to get what I want out of this life !

Wanna join me ? Get The Secret..

Good night..


Emirati Ana

>> Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 2nd was the day.. and I loved our gathering tonight with representatives from my beloved country the UAE.. the place was the Fairmont.. our Embassy members carried themselves with pride.. I was surrounded by a unique and distinguished halo of smart UAEiens who left their country and their loved ones and came here to North America for a higher cause; postgraduate studies each in his/her own major and field.. I visualized huge monumental dreams in the form and shape of humanbeings.. everyone was proud of each other.. everyone was happy..
And I was very happy and elated as well.. we were mirroring each other.. I saw my reflection in each of my colleagues' eyes and I voiced their true reflection as well.. How often do we really get to sense and see our true reflection; our true shadow; our true prints ?! I saw mine tonight !
And for the first time I find myself not interested in ' High-key; High-maintenance ' group of people and so I focused my attention on our young breed of UAE scholars talking to them about a path of challenge.. their chosen path .. orienting them to the needed tactics.. the needed armies and the required twists in the game of realizing your dreams !
I felt happy.. and yes I am still happy.. I've just realized I had a major shift in my awareness ! It's not about ' ME ' any more.. It's all about ' US ' !
Happy National Day UAE



>> Tuesday, December 2, 2008

At this very moment.. I find myself breathing.. breathing my own air.. sensing my own existence.. feeling nothing but my presence !
Wanna try breathing like I'm doing ?!


A Wake Up Call

>> Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The comatose tiger inside of me is longing to breath vitality again..
The comatose tiger inside of me is obsessed with the dance of power.. the colourful dance of the Universe..
The comatose tiger inside of me is merging with its real reality.. with its essence of being.. with its inner depth.. with its own language and its own thousands of meanings..
My tiger.. would you wake up for me please..


Clueless Moments

>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I guess I cannot resist and suppress expressing my thoughts.. so here I am again.. I would say echoing my inner vibes rather than blogging !
And it started snowing here in Ottawa this evening.. and in less than two hours the entire city got transformed into a white blanket; warm yet freezing .. silent yet full of those clueless moments !
I elevated the blinds off my windows so I can enjoy this natural 'blanc' blanket.. and with it; I guess I'm getting rid of my inner blinds.. no more worries.. no more insecurities.. and no more fears.. just like that !
Clueless moments ! My cousin passed away about 6 weeks ago.. and yes I can still feel my warm skin; or that's what I thought; touching her very cold skin.. she was peacefully dead and beautiful.. now I realize how warm she was and how cold I was for my entire life ! Skin to skin.. mine to hers.. and she gave me back all the warmth lacking in my moments; all the warmth needed in my days to come..
Dead yet peaceful.. dead yet beautiful !
Thank you my cousin for erasing those blinds from my soul.. now I'm alive.. now my clueless moments are smiling again.. peacefully .. I care less.. and I care more.. finally I do care !
My freezing 'blanc' blanket.. keep me warm again..
Good night..


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