Here at the Majlis we voice our thoughts; worries and concerns .. We resonate our inner self and we chill out as well.. This Majlis is our space to relax even if it seems impossible at times ..
One last thing; you don't need to knock on my doors; IYM does not have closed doors !
Welcome to the Majlis :)

A Giant is Silenced !

>> Thursday, August 27, 2009

Goodbye Teddy Kennedy.. May your soul rest in peace..

Listen carefully to his closing speech upon loss of his presidency campaign back in 1980 against Jimmy Carter. I've never seen someone rising so high above and beyond human tolerance at the very moment of defeat and major loss..

Kennedy's family legacy; a phenomenon for sure to study in depth; a distinguished school of intellect and motivation to learn from..

And yes " the work goes on; the cause endorse; the hope still lives and the dream shall never die "



A little toddler !

>> Monday, August 24, 2009

Reminds me of the whale-watching tour I went on in San Diego last January.. beautiful.. absolutely beautiful..
This one here in the clip is playing like a little toddler.. I want it !
I've been always amazed by mother nature.. if anything, I would love to get the chance to keep exploring it.. very very relaxing !



One more Apple for my Basket !

>> Sunday, August 23, 2009

Are you surprised that I'm agonizing with homesickness ?! Am I surprised I'm living this killing state of mind ?! Being deprived of family and friends is not easy on the soul for sure..

All I've asked was ' What did you have for Futoor ? " and then my sister goes " this was your choice.. you chose to be abroad "; Mom goes " this was your choice "; uncle goes " this was your choice " .. What is even adding to my sickness is that everyone around me is making me feel I've committed a huge mistake by pursuing my postgraduate studies here in North America.. For God's sake, can't you just make me feel you're proud of me ?! Believe me, it makes all the difference in this World if you do so; especially these days .. it's my last year here in the exile and all I need to keep going when I'm so down and drained is a gentle loving push.. that's all I'm asking for !

Just stop blaming me for being alone and far away from home.. I don't need this.. not now.. not yesterday and not tomorrow..

I still have to collect my last apple here .. otherwise I wouldn't consider my basket fruity enough.. Why can't family appreciate how crucial and important this is to my mind and to my self-worth ?! After all; I'm paying the price of my upbringing.. I still remember those days at school when I was harshly criticized for not getting an A + ! I'm sure I'm not the only one to blame here..

All I can say for now is happy lonely Ramadan to me.. and yes it was my choice and no I do not regret it .. and yes I need that last apple of mine.. for empty-handedness was never imprinted in my mental agenda !
And yes I made a decision when to stop all of this achievement-running business.. but I'm keeping it to myself for now.. for sure will make an announcement when it's time ..
Happy lonely Ramadan to me again..



Man in the Box

>> Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sexual Harrassment Part-I

Sexual Harrassment Part-II

Guys.. " Man in the Box " show really made my night.. I was just dead bored and lonely.. I guess my aimless youtubing worked this time ! I subscribed to this hilarious channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/Manintheboxshow

Enjoy it :)



Not drunk on life.. Anymore !

>> Monday, August 17, 2009

I do not get drunk on life.. I take life in moderation; love in moderation.. this is a recent change; I describe it as maturity-induced; may be a sign of aging !
But as my sickness is worsening.. I cannot help but be a deviant when time allows ! I need to soothe my moments.. nothing drastic or major to ask life for.. just a little bit of soothing every now and then !
He liked my atmosphere; then he left.. She liked my atmosphere; then she left ! Attractive enough, but not a good keeper I realize !
'I'm all ears' was and is my aura; my halo that I'm known for.. but who is conscious and kind enough to offer me one ? frozen rotten shoulders is all I'm getting so far !
She poured me her wine; her smile.. her memories.. her agonies.. got me intoxicated with her emotionally abusive life.. it was disturbing I have to admit.. I couldn't help her more but be an ear.. she left today.. sorrow in her eyes.. fake smile she was wearing.. I hugged her goodbye.. I'm praying she recovers; grows stronger wings and heavy feathers .. she reminded me of myself a decade ago when I was an injured fragile little bird .. ageless life we're living.. time flies and never comes back except in our worst of memories.. ' Ce la vie ' ! If you take love in moderation, you do not get abused my dear !
He who liked my atmosphere and ran away called a common friend and conveyed his regards.. Is he missing me ? I cannot tell the truth.. as ambivalent as tornadoes could be; so stormy and passionate on the outside.. so cold and dormant in the core.. I stopped making guesses.. there is no point in doing so ! My dear, didn't you know that I take life in moderation ?! And no I'm not drunk on you.. anymore !
She left.. He left.. the reason behind each one of them leaving being different; she had to leave.. he chose to leave.. the outcome is the same.. I am lonely.. sipping my life in moderation.. having a monotonous heart beats.. no ups and no downs.. no loud distracting slaps ; it's just tapping softly and gently on my solo soul..
I call it life in moderation.. sprouting out peace back into my moments.. it is calm.. it is me..


Shopping with Hotel Costes

>> Friday, August 14, 2009

All I Want

Hotel Costes

I was shopping last weekend at one of my favorite places while listening to this music which was playing in the background.. I got locked in being the last customer; I was alone.. kindley enough the owner did not kick me out as she knows how shoppaholic I am.. the music is from " Hotel Costes ".. It just got me into that mood of mine which my close friends know very well ;) It felt like running between the lost corners of my 'inner maze' when I was choosing which outfit to try on.. I call it the smart psychology of shopping.. She knew how to get to me and I'm hard I have to say to get to sometimes..
How much do you think I ended spending that afternoon ?! I care less.. she made me enjoy being broke !!
Are you surprised I wanted to buy the CD as well ?! She typed down " Hotel Costes " for me..
' You can order it from Amazon ' She goes.. ' It's already in my mind ' I wanted to reply ;)

" Oooooh ooooooooohhhh ooooooooooooohhh.. la la la .. what you are.. what you do.. "
Good Night..


I need an explanation !

>> Saturday, August 8, 2009

Would anyone explain what happens during the last couple of seconds in this life video please ?



Enrique "The Greatest Hitts"

>> Sunday, August 2, 2009

"I'm takin' back my love"

"Not in love"


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