Here at the Majlis we voice our thoughts; worries and concerns .. We resonate our inner self and we chill out as well.. This Majlis is our space to relax even if it seems impossible at times ..
One last thing; you don't need to knock on my doors; IYM does not have closed doors !
Welcome to the Majlis :)

Return to Life

>> Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tonight I leave you with this beautiful musical clip by Artechannel.. I just loved it.

Good night all.



A Little Thought in My Hide-Away Tree

>> Saturday, September 26, 2009

And finally I managed to find my REAL hide-away tree; the place was Muir Woods in San Francisco.. and of course I have a picture of myself inside a bigger 500-year-old one !
What's with my hide-away tree ? Anyone who's gone through my writings in my previous blogs knows that I escape to my mental hide-away tree since ever I was a child; wearing a fluffy embroidery-trimmed short white dress; hair long and down following air current eagerly while running .. I mainly hide when I'm preoccupied with thoughts and feeling very very down..
Having a solo-walk in the woods; surrounded by greenery; running water hugging little rocks in between; accompanied by soothing musicals played by those love birds made my stiffened moments relax and stretch out till they vanished into no where.. I call it healing !
So, I decided to use my hide-away tree not only for crying silently; but also for meditating and reflecting on little experiences here and there especially those women-men related ones.. and for the first time I use my tree for some funny thoughts..
I came across an interesting read tonight about " The Seven Deadly Sins of Speaking "; it's all about not 'sinning' while giving work-related presentations.. and in no time I realize I'm back to my escapade tree thinking of those sins in the context of relationships; mainly how to use them to manipulate men.. LOL.. yes how to play it smart and trick men into your feminine aura ! Here are the sins as I read them followed by my tree-provoked thoughts:
  1. " Not meeting the real needs of the audience. Every person who walks into your presentation comes with an agenda, or questions he or she wants addressed or answered. Your goal is to find out what that agenda is and make sure you address it. The more you know about your audience, the closer you will come to meeting your needs and agenda". I wonder what his agenda is ? Why doesn't he meet my needs and agenda instead ?
  2. " An unclear purpose. Many presenters never set clear communication objectives. Before giving a presentation, ask yourself, " What exactly do I want to accomplish? What is my purpose ? Do I need to inform, stimulate, convince, motivate, or provoke ?" Make sure you recognize the difference between the subject, the title, and the purpose. They are not the same". So Eve, tackle Adam with a clear purpose; you'll never go wrong !
  3. " Lack of clear organization. Rambling, disorganized presentations are difficult for listeners to follow. The result: the audience turns out. Early in your presentation, give your audience an overview of your purpose with an agenda of your main points. Then stick to it". I think Adam will feel intimidated big time if you show you have organized thoughts.. So don't show too much smartness !
  4. " Too much unnecessary information. If you want to bore your audience, tell them everything you know. Contrary to what many people think, the reason that most presentations don't leave a lasting impression with the audience is that the speaker tries to give the audience too much, not too little, information. If you have 30 minutes to give a talk, you should plan to have no more than three main ideas". So, here I say to Eve, do NOT disclose too much, there is obviously no need to tell him about all your past relationships.. see, it's counter-productive ! LOL; he'll not get bored though; he'll just turn judgmental on you !
  5. " Monotonous voice. Frequently speakers are enthusiastic and excited about their topics, yet when they get up in front of others, they are lifeless and dull. If you're not excited about your topic, don't expect anyone else to be". I agree, Eve you have no choice but to show some excitation; especially when the conversation is getting 'intimate' ;)
  6. " Unnecessary, unclear, or inappropriate visual aids. Every slide should have a purpose and be legible and readable - not just to you but to everyone in the audience. All too often, speakers use slides as teleprompters. Look at each of your slides and ask yourself, " Is this slide for me or for my audience? " If it's just for you, get rid of it ". So Eve, your eyes are your window-slides to your soul, hop in front of your mirror and practice 2 important eye-contacts: a compassionate loving one; and a seducing one ! What if you master reflecting both aspects at the same time ! I think he'll go " Ooh La La "
  7. " Reading the talk. Almost always a talk will be better if it is not read verbatim. Why ? Most people read aloud poorly; they mumble or race through the text. Readers frequently avoid eye contact, use few, if any body or facial gestures, and show no enthusiasm. In short, listening to a poorly read talk is boring. If you must read, practice, practice, practice ". See, that's why you shouldn't talk about your daily events as if you're 'reading' them.. use your body language and facial gestures and ignite his curiosity; let him take the lead and start asking and be curious about what you have to say.

Time to leave my hide-away tree.. back to my routine rituals; unless you want to join me inside of my huge lovely tree for some more thoughts.

Cheers to your relationships. Just remember what Voltaire said " The secret of being a bore is to tell everything ". No lingering talks on your x-boyfriends / girlfriends please ;)


Test your Creativity

>> Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hi guys.. this is IYM blogging from the beautiful city of San Francisco.. I'll make it short and I'll leave the rest to your creativity !
These 2 pictures are taken at the Palace of Fine Art.. I don't have to tell you those are women hanging on the pillars ! What came to my mind the first instant my gaze spotted the pillars was multiple marriages: having 3 or 4 wives ! Oops !
What about you ? What is your creativity dictating upon seeing this ?
Let me know ;) I'm sure it's fun..


Eid Mubarak

>> Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eid Mubarak to all of you friends.. I know I'm celebrating a couple of days earlier but I'm afraid I won't do it on time if not now as I'll be busy travelling..

Here is my warm Eid card to you, please follow the link:

Bye now..



Violent ?! Yes You Are

>> Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why were you trying to impress me all the time with your persona and your state of mind when in fact you were abusing her physically, emotionally and verbally all that time ?!

Angels and Demons ?! Huh.. answer me.. demonizing yourself when you are with her, covered up with an angelic shell when you meet with me ?! Or you think I'm worth being an angel with and she's worth being a demon with ? How fare is that to her and to me.. how fare is that ? Which face you were the most now.. ?

Do you regret inviting me over to your place where I witnessed how badly you were abusing her ? Where I heard her collapse to the floor in her tears ? Do you regret trapping yourself with my persona this time ? Yes I can trap your mind .. badly enough I can ! Are you ashamed of yourself ? Or not yet ? For a moment I thought you were a real gentleman.. I mean gentle with all women around you and not only 'selectively' gentle.. I can never trust I won't be your next victim If I allow myself further into your personal space which I doubt I would do after what your violence spoke of you.. yes it wasn't me who was abused, but it was you who has this ugly trait.. very unfortunate indeed with all the positive aura you try to reflect yourself upon !

As pretty as she is; as smart as she is; as feminine as she is; as care giving and loving as she is; as considerate as she is.. and yet you couldn't help not being a wolf with her.. May I ask you a simple question: Why ?

Why do you keep apologizing to her next day after the damage was already done ? She does not deserve this.. No one deserves this.. Sorry but you have to hate and divorce your grandiosity to be a better man.. I mean it..

And sorry my friend, but I advised her to leave you.. yes I did !

I am not impressed at all !



>> Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bravo Bravo Shaikhah Maitha.. What a woman !

I loved the last kick.. amazing !



A City with Half Smiles and Half Brows !

>> Thursday, September 3, 2009

Do you blame me when I say my sense of suffocation is culminating and escalating and exhilarating ?! Leave aside the egomaniacs at work who keep injecting their poison into my moments from time to time; leave aside my almost non-existent social atmosphere; and leave aside my love life that keeps evaporating before it reaches its boiling point; everything seems to be tolerable these days except for the undeniable fact that the city of Ottawa has this magical power of amplifying all negative emotions and feelings that would infect your mind and soul from time to time ! The city of the dead.. dead boring to the extent of hearing loudly even all conversation that insects share by the canal.. a city where people wear half a smile and some of them if cursed enough would end up having half an eye-brow like what happened with your dear friend IYM !
It was my day-off today.. I woke up at noon having nothing else to do in the morning.. I checked myself into this Synergy Spa for the first time by phone .. I usually go to another well-known Spa close to where I live; but I received this thank-you gift card recently for a spa-treatment at this new place.. I thought why not check it out especially with the current economic recession and knowing how IYM pampers herself and end up being almost broke after each Spa treatment ! I got their address; hopped on the bus which in no time was on the high-way to Montreal.. Ooops, am I going to an unknown district or what ? I had a sense of discomfort to tell you the truth.. I don't usually risk going to far-away places alone in less-safe North America.. but thanks God I reached the place before reaching Montreal.. it felt I was in Atlanta in the area close to the airport or in Orange County if you know what I mean.. the land of no where .. few scattered buildings and a bunch of fighting teenagers swearing the 'F' word all the time. I finally found this Synergy place.. got in.. had my hair done first; colour and cut.. I couldn't complain.. Then I had my feet taken care of; a Caribbean pedicure managed to relax me a bit especially with the mini-Jacuzzi foot basin I immersed my feet in and the hot paraffin treatment afterwards.. I could sense that the girl taking care of my feet was getting tired towards the end.. she also looked upset; I think she was having a bad day.. She looked drained when she took me to a different room to clean up my eye-brows.. Somehow I knew she'll screw up this time.. and yes the mirror that she handed me at the end confirmed my fears ! 'Oh No.. What the hill have you done ? Where is half of my brow ? You.. you just look at them.. they're not equal.. I do NOT like what you've done here '.. and as I was fuming with anger; she was disintegrating with fear and tears.. I felt sorry for her and for my brows.. " I need a second opinion " I said to her.. she got out and another girl came in and tried to fix the un-fixable damage.. she goes " obviously there is nothing that we can do here aside from advising you to use an eye-brow pencil to patch the defect and cover it up ".. " we won't charge you for it; sorry for this " ..
Guys.. stop laughing please.. this is not even funny !
I left the spa with no smile this time.. not even a half one ! I hopped on the bus again; this time no AC was on with all heat we're having this week in this dead city! As soon as I reached my lovely place I ran to my comforting mirror and patched my acquired brow defect ! Never ever I'm doing this to myself again.. and you know what ? Yes to my economic recession if it wouldn't jeopardize my beauty and no to upsetting gift cards again.. it was one of those Beauty and the Beast episodes swear a God..
Few minutes later after I managed to touch base with my soul again.. I received an uplifting e-mail on my Blackberry.. my training at UCSF in San Francisco got approved.. YaaaaaaaaaaaY.. couldn't be happier even if my entire brow was gone into waxing garbage ! I e-mailed the program organizer back " I'll make sure I wear a flower in my hair once I'm in SF ".. YaaaaaaaaaaY again :) I'm dancing the Hola now :)
I then had dinner with a friend who was also wearing half a smile ! See it's cultural here in this place.. but at least I had company this evening.. then we went to this Lebanese dessert place and I'm home now with loads of Baqlava and yummy Italian chocolate eggs..
Can't wait to wear a flower in my hair.. for sure the beautiful city of San Francisco will be my most needed natural Spa.. it's time for some real detoxification treatment :)
Good night all..


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