Here at the Majlis we voice our thoughts; worries and concerns .. We resonate our inner self and we chill out as well.. This Majlis is our space to relax even if it seems impossible at times ..
One last thing; you don't need to knock on my doors; IYM does not have closed doors !
Welcome to the Majlis :)

The Art of Let Go

>> Sunday, December 27, 2009

And it's time to say Good Bye !

I didn't think it was that mentally challenging to let go of my 7-year-old illusional possessions until I started packing my stuff last night in preparation for my departure to my home land.. my beloved UAE..

Deciding what to get rid of; what to leave behind was so emotionally provoking to say the least.. Working on my office trying to re-prioritize material and intellectual 'things'; I realized that more than 3 hours have passed during which I threw so many memories and moments manifested in the form of paperwork and documents into the garbage chute ! What was once so important; detrimental; insomnia inducing; and emotionally draining is now gone with the wind.. transformed intentionally into garbage ! Interestingly enough; I felt a very heavy weight was taken off my chest the moment I decided they are no longer part of my thought process.. I do NOT breathe them any more.. " The nightmare on IYM's street " movie I was living; editing; and directing all those years is just ripped and burned into nothing but ash !

No longer vital to my days .. I regained my vitality !

Moving to my closet next.. and to my shoe rack afterwards.. moving around in each corner of my place getting rid of what does not represent me any more.. I could see before my eyes my entire life; my ups and downs; my good and bad times; my setbacks and my achievements dancing harmoniously with each other.. I could see the bigger picture of IYM.. I stepped out of my own box; out of my own still picture frame the moment I decided what part of me should reside in garbage indefinitely.. no looking back drama and no regrets !

With my place almost half empty now as I'm getting rid of my furniture piece by piece as well; I realize I live in a slit few meters above sea level; embraced by -30 degrees cold winter chills; million miles away from a place called home.. I am floating in sky in this rectangular slit ! Sometimes I feel I'm sensing Earth's gravity which is about to ground me down to sea level forcefully !

Impregnating my moments with intentional emptiness.. I learned the art of let go..

And yes it is time to say Good Bye !

And what I'm holding onto so tightly in the momentum will transform into disintegrating ash one day .. and life goes on as such ..

Free like the wind I am..


Sweet Dreams

>> Thursday, December 24, 2009


Design your dream house

>> Monday, December 21, 2009

Which one do you prefer ?
Have fun designing your private house ..



" Swan Lake " and Billy Elliot

>> Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Don't you just love him ?

>> Saturday, December 5, 2009

I wish I could translate this clip without loosing its very deep and inspiring connotations..

No Comment !



3eeshi Belaadi

>> Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm posting this for Rosh who wanted me to echo my thoughts on our National Day celebration here in the exile..
I was fortunate to have been invited repeatedly now over the past few months to these formal events where what is customary known as the unspoken language transforms somehow into a very intelligent language shared only by high caliber figures who have a unique instinctive gift of capturing the aura of confidence and smartness which is being emitted spontaneously from those who are less calibrated but yet have mega dreams and potentials.. If you're on the same wave length as they are; then you start communicating with each other in the deepest recesses of your mind where your good assets reside !
And yes you start shining somehow because you're fearless.. gaining your power from your country's power.. you merge with your flag and you start undulating as it does; circulating your breeze all around.. The red boosts you with power; the green energizes you; the white dresses you with tranquility; and the black injects you with determination.. that's how I merged with our vibrant flag.. I love you UAE !
I met a figure I never thought I would meet.. not for anything, but because I never thought of
having a conversation with a Defence Minister.. it just never occurred to me; I'm just surrounded all the time by my medically-labeled professionals and by my hair-stylist.. that's my little bubble.. for sure it got burst this evening ! Do I have to tell you how a Defence Minister projects himself ? For sure not. It's more interesting I guess to know how I was trying hard to keep my head on my shoulders while talking to him ! He was extra-attentively listening to me.. he gave me every drop of consciousness he had; he managed to inflate me without me knowing it.. I describe him as being geniusly smart !
And the merging and mingling continued some more with different categories of spirits.. trained and not trained; fine-tuned and crystallized by life and those still under development..
A highly impressive UAE woman, whom I became friends with lately, dropped me home. I got into my building's elevator and guess what ? Face to face again with the Defence Minister; we were both taken by surprise:
" Oh you live here your Excellency ? "
" Yes I do.. and it was a very nice reception by the way "
Few seconds of silence during which our mind-level communication was still very active; and the elevator door opens:
" Enjoy the rest of your evening " he said to me..
" Sweet dreams " with a big smile I wished him..
That was my evening Rosh..
And the sky continues showering me with Omens these days.. and I had few tonight..
Time for bed.. I'll stare at my ceiling while drifting into sleep.. thinking to myself that the elevator man lives only two floors above mine..


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