Here at the Majlis we voice our thoughts; worries and concerns .. We resonate our inner self and we chill out as well.. This Majlis is our space to relax even if it seems impossible at times ..
One last thing; you don't need to knock on my doors; IYM does not have closed doors !
Welcome to the Majlis :)

A beautiful letter

>> Friday, January 8, 2010

Life is full of unique secrets to say the least.. only the wise can touch their hidden beautiful cannotations and transform them into reality.. into an existing living being..
Here is a letter that I recieved less than 24 hours ago.. and yes it is the most beautiful letter I've ever read.. I couldn't help while reading it but to have an honest moment with my soul.. there was a pause and with it there was full consciousness; a level of consciousness that is usually experienced during birth and death of loved ones.. most of the time we are barely there; semi-consciuss as described in my medical books..
This letter was written to me by life itself.. and it is a being on its own.. didn't I tell you life if full of unique secrets ?!
I'll let you read it.. while I'm still speechless having a pause.. and yes it emits warmth; comfort and consolation.. and you cannot help but let your soul indulge in smiles..
" You know IYM, life is a very interesting phenomenon. We come, we live, and we go. The only ones who actually LIVE are the ones who live while sharing the whispers with the Beloved. Who are daring enough to loose all their senses in the quest of the truth of their potential and end up giving off the scent of the breath of the Beloved. Who are bold enough to face life head on and can dance like a stream, and contain themselves in a vessel at the same time.
You, my dear, are on that path. The path of those daring and bold, who actually LIVE :). I have not seen you, but even from such distances, the aura of strength that your personality exudes, is so tangible. At times life may not be a smooth sail for you, but that is because you ARE capable of cruising the ship even when the sea is rough. Do you realize what blessing is this? :) This is the blessing of being trusted, trusted to be capable of handling the situations come what may! Trusted to be adaptable and preservative enough to be a dancing stream when the times ask, and to be still waters when times change.
You my dear, have been strong, because that is the only way you can be :). There is no other alternative. Pause. One can not expect a fish to soar a flight, like an eagle can not be expected to swim under the sea beds. That is exactly how it is in your case, you can not do it any other way than excelling it. You just can not :)
The paths, the routes, the maps do get tricky at times. But what remains unchanged, unfizzled, is the undying fighter's spirit that makes up your person. The flame of strength that alights your torch remains a life long treasure hunt for many. So its just that befitting way of acknowledging your true potential and personal integrity, that life keeps on challenging you; and continue being surmounted like only you could do.
Believe you me, you too couldn't live it any other way; you are too ALIVE to let life come easy to you :)

May you always ace whatever you do,May you always be fragrant with the scent of the Beloved,May your stillness bear a rhythem of movement,and may your moves bear the grace of calm oceans.amen. "
God bless the sender.. 'life' she is


A perfectionist performance !

>> Monday, January 4, 2010

Romance in its perfectionist performance equals one of H. Al Jasmi's songs..
It made me speechless.. my memories are doing most of the conversational work right now !

Enjoy it..
[ Leenah please tell me you understand a bit of Arabic ]

Goodnight all..



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