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Living a " Pause "

>> Sunday, February 20, 2011


The Walk.. The Forest

>> Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still walking in a very dark; scary and rainy forest.. alone by myself .. for a long period of time !
It stopped raining for a short period of time about a week ago when it became sunny and breezy out of the blue .. I thought and believed that day that it was spring time and that I was on a different land.. I was in Heaven.. I ' experienced ' Heaven; got indulged in its magical presence.. and yes it happens when it's least expected.. It lasted only for few hours but the euphoria of it lingered around a little longer.. I couldn't even give it more detailed reality description simply because my pen broke that day ! Maybe one day I'll put it down in my autobiography; I'll assign an entire chapter for it.. just to highlight the beauty of conincidences ! There is an opinion that goes " Coincidences do not exist; they're all planned by God and we have to learn to take advantage of them " ! At the end of the day; it doesn't matter what my personal view of that particular unusual encounter was; the bottom line is it made me feel joyous and happy even though for a very short period of time !
Not euphoric or ecstatic any longer; I'm drifting back to my dark rainy forest.. and believe me I am trying hard to draw a smile that is not tickling my soul.. I manage to do so but it's a very short lived smile as well !
There was a smile that I'm missing.. there was a smile that I need .. there was a smile that was real !
And my walk continues.. alone.. and it is still dark and rainy..
Any company ?
Good night..


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