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Captured by Invisible Forces

>> Thursday, December 6, 2012

That is what explains my long pause; my inevitable silence.. my un-intentional disappearance.. and my intentional journey of self-discovery.. Yes indeed I have been captured by invisible forces.. right and left.. up and down.. torn apart by desperate moments.. dying many times so I could be born once again and for all.. It was not easy at all; but it was worth it.. It was not planned by me at all; but I deeply thank the Almighty God who planned it in such a way so to endure and attain spiritual growth and self-realization.. Now I know I do exist; in the spiritual realm more so than in the physical form.. Everything; including my destiny; is so transparent before my eyes like I never experienced and I will never experience again.. Everything exists in parallel as someone once tried to explain.. there is no concept of time; time is an illusion.. there is no past; nor present; nor future.. there is only NOW.. such a tremendous life-changing revelation once you grasp the concept of it.. this is destiny; this is YOU !

It is amazing how those invisible forces become so visible once you allow yourself to be completely taken by certain soul-capturing moments.. There is this upper gentle hand that is moving me around between events and circumstances; building up on them the next chain of events and life goes on as such all in order to reach your full human potential.. your dreams.. your purpose in this life.. God does exist !

The more honest you become with yourself; the more transparent your soul becomes which exudes around you as a comforting aura to others.. you then start getting to know people deeply by sensing their auras.. this is the language of human spirit.. no talks; no walks.. just the communicating forces of our auras.. are you repelling me ? or am I completely disarmed and taken by your majestic presence ?

Yes those invisible forces took me gently, or maybe forcefully, hundred miles away from where I live to his disarming aura.. taken completely by those few seconds of our spiritual dance when we shook hands; I have lived a life-time in that majestic presence.. his majestic presence.. very transparent; very real; very honest; very comforting; and in control.. my aura merged with his and we became ONE ! a psychic experience I have never felt before.. I moved around then and shook hands with the others; but I was literally absent-minded as I was completely taken and captured by what I felt with him.. such an intense spiritual experience that left me reflecting even deeper into our human essence.. flesh or soul ? or a combination of both ? or are we just an energy field that is shaped; sculptured; strengthened; weakened and destroyed by events ?

The path to that so sensual and unique aura was smooth and vast; surround by vast gardens; deers; silence and welcoming warm sand dunes.. as if  his soul was merging with nature welcoming you every step of the way to his physical form ! And yes it never fails to amaze me how God functions by arranging such encounters !

Did he sense my aura though the way I sensed his ? Was he reciprocating as our moments were ? Was it a mutual spiritual dance or was it all in my mind ? All I remember was saying ' Mabrook ' softly while shaking hands with him and him becoming speechless and whispering back softly unlike he was, audible, with the rest of the group who greeted him before I did !

Am  I meant to experience that sort of spiritual exchange again ? be it with him or with someone else ? and for how long ? for a fraction of seconds containing your entire life within it ? or for a real life-time which I would consider being lucky and fortunate ?

Time can only tell..

For now; his aura is still spell-binding.. still capturing.. and is still very comforting and holistic..

May those invisible forces gift it to me again and again..



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